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Demand systems

All demand systems (or EMT resuscitator) are supplied with a 1.8 meter long hose with a DISS connection at both ends. With the EMT demand systems you can ventilate a non-breathing person with 100% oxygen. The system works by pressing the MTV button. If the button on the top of the demand system is activated, an oxygen flow will start. With a blockage or with an overpressure of more than 60 centimeters water column, the system will no longer increase pressure. Check why the blockage occurred before you start overpressure ventilation again. As soon as the button is activated again, the oxygen flow starts again. The big advantage of these systems is that you no longer need a respiration balloon and a victim can ventilate with one hand. This is a BIG registered operation. note that if oxygen is administered under pressure you must be trained for this.

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Apox is official dealer for Microvent resuscitators.