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Over the years we have made all kinds of medical storage cases for medical purposes. Our first customers were the diving companies, not careful guys. If a trauma occurs it is obvious that action must be taken immediately. It is then important that all materials are stored in a well-organized manner, which helps to ensure that stress remains reduced to an acceptable level. Because we always produce only a few pieces according to the wishes of the customer, we unknowingly mastered techniques. Apox does not look at what and how other supliers/producers makes there cases, we do it your way, with the best quality products. You determine the layout, we can make this. You don't have to worry about the price either, top quality at a normal price compared to a standard case. We only use Explorercases. These are plastic cases that you can easily throw, drive over, use on the water, the content will remain 100% and not be damaged. For us, the biggest form of advertising is the delivery of all waterproof cases for the Search and Rescue boats. The Explorercases are often used in the offshore industry and diving companies. These are companies that only want the best on the market, fast delivery and good service without hassle.

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Apox is official dealer for Microvent resuscitators.