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Our specialty is OXYGEN and related items for administering oxygen. Apox B.V. is a company with a range that focuses on supplying medical articles, medical cases for the diving industry, diving, fire brigade, government, hospitals, trauma services and private sector.

In addition, Apox B.V. is importer of various brands:

GT Line is a producer of Explorercases and GTLine tool cases. Since 2001 we have been an importer of this manufacturer of water and dustproof cases. Explorercases are almost unbreakable cases with numerous applications such as the protection of sensitive and expensive equipment during travel in the broadest sense of the word. They are perfect for our medical solutions and have proven their value in the offshore industry.

Allied Healthcare Products, San-O-Sub, ACARE and Merlin Medical are some of our suppliers for which we take care of the import and which we use for our medical cases. You will find our cases from Vietnam to Brazil from Norway to South Africa. All these cases are accompanied by a medical approval from a doctor.

Apox has almost all items in stock. As a result, delivery times are short, we always try to deliver within 36 hours.

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Apox is official dealer for Microvent resuscitators.