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Apox B.V.

the Netherlands

Medicinal oxygen, 100%.

We deliver on behalf of - and under the supervision of Apotheek Vogelakker B.V.

Vogelakker B.V. pharmacy is responsible for the quality of the Medical Oxygen, 100%. If there are any concerns, doubts or questions, we ask you to contact the pharmacist or his replacement. Customers can also contact the pharmacist for aftercare if needed.

Vogelakker B.V. pharmacy

Rigoletto street 117

3208 HP Spijkenisse

M.H.H. Janssen, Pharmacist

Tel. 0181-637888


Apox B.V. always has a large number of oxygen reducing valves in stock. Single flow, double flow, We are importer from various suppliers who are known on the diving market. The best known is from Allied Healthcare, supplier of the DAN systems but also from Acare and SOS. We provide a 2-year warranty and service on all medical materials supplied by Apox.


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Bull nose

German 3/4

Japanese GCA 540

Japanese 5/8

DIN 477


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Apox is official dealer for Microvent resuscitators.